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You Had Me at Sextrology...

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Since the moon and stars and how everything aligns is a piece of this woo woo puzzle and world we live in, I've come across some interesting info that you can take as entertainment or pull what resonates with you. As I continue to learn all sorts of things over this last year, when I come across info that overlap my interests....I GO CRAZY FOR THAT SHIT. So naturally astrology AND sex peaked my interest. Now whether the idea of sex (or talking about it) makes you cringe, laugh, get all tingly, etc. that is TOTALLY fine and your call. You don't have to feel one way or another about it or feel guilty or uncomfortable. Or do, if that's what you want to feel. Just know whatever it is, it's a part of you and your personality and that's totes perfect.

If you know much about astrology it lines up with your birthday, which then gives you your astrological sign which in turn gives you a slew of attributes that supposedly make up your personality and interests. The moon phase from the actual day you were born can say a lot too, like more about your personality and even your hormones (and if you are female, whether you ovulate once or twice a month. What?! What a sneaky bitch). On the topic of the moon, all the things people joke about and say, I used to be one of those and to be honest I still am while I become more knowledgeable and root to what makes sense to me. From what I've been learning from others and reading myself, the moon phases have a huge impact on a lot of things around us. Not only how we act or feel and those around us, but how the environment and wildlife responds, situations that pop up, etc.

Naturally, I showed my age and went to the bookstore (didn't order anything online or look it up on google) and found some books on tarot cards, astrology, crystals, potty training (I have a 2 year old son, I'm already potty trained) and a big ass encyclopedia looking book titled Sextrology. Yes please! Now we're talking. Of course I flipped to my sign (Sagittarius) and learned all the deets, what it likes and compatibility with other signs. Interesting to say the least and fun, but I'm just skimming the surface and there are lots of people out there that have all sorts of information and guidance if you are into this sort of thing. Like Angie Banicki, the amazingly talented tarot card reader I talked about in the crystals blog. She works a lot with astrology and numerology in her work and she explains it beautifully! It just makes sense when she says it. If you subscribe to her updates she sends info your way and does weekly and monthly updates on Goop and all kinds of other media outlets.

When I'm diving into new things I want to learn more about, I start with people I know and trickle down to the people they learn from, know, follow and the rest is history. Another person I have enjoyed keeping up with is @mother_star on Insta (and she's also in my healer teacher training program through Guided Light Healing). An app that is great for following the moon phases is in the App Store as Moon Phases (glad we cleared that up). You can keep track of what the moon has up its sleeve day to day or take a peek at past dates or what's to come. There's lots of info out there to learn but some basics: the biggest impacts are always leading up to the full moon, on the full moon and then things tend to mellow out just after a full moon, before they gear up again. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just things that are shifting, changing, being brought to light, showing true colors, etc. All in all, it's fun to get a bit of information, be mindful of it to see if you start to notice things that line up with what you are learning and go from there. Never hurts to learn more about this magical place we all live under the stars by. Now I kind of went on a tangent when all I really wanted to do was show you this fun book, so I'll have more posts to come about the moon and astrology and tarot cards, this was just me rambling. Again. There must be a theme here....



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