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Hi! I’m Marlo. Now, this ‘about me’ could go on forever. Don’t tempt me, I talk to people for a living. It’s more about which part do you want to know about me? The right now me; that’s a single mom to a strong willed, intuitive, skilled debater, old soul of a 7 year old? Living by the ocean, fulfilling my soul pull taking 1:1 sessions as an intuitive energy healer, guiding soul circle healing groups, hosting the Wild Voice Podcast, writing a self-help memoir Soul Muse and taking my real day to day life experiences and playing with new perspectives, methods and energetic principles, to live the most complete fulfilling life? Man...that was a mouthful :)  


Or the 5 years ago me; that hit rock bottom when my life imploded in record speed when I became a widow at 33, with a 15 month old? The same me that got an opportunity to take a hard look at my life, choices, how connected I felt to myself (not very) and the lens I viewed life through, and decided it was time for an overhaul. I was at a crossroads and I took the road less traveled...and it was the best decision I've ever made.  


Or how about the teenage me; that was terribly hard on myself, had a tough exterior and an unknowingly complete lack of self? My inner dialogue was cruel, but to me that was tough love and through that I acquired programming and limiting beliefs of myself, that curated a life I would later see was diminishing to that beautifully bright fire deep in my soul. I was on the path to smothering it. 

Or the little kid me; that never felt like I belonged, worthy of being chosen and always felt like I was pushing against the current? So out of survival I created a distrusting story about life and the people (some of them) in it. 


Every little piece of this life puzzle had to play out the way it did, to get me where I am today and for that…I wouldn’t change a thing. That doesn't mean life hasn't had its hard, sad, clumsy, traumatic, scary, frustrating moments. Through those, I have gained more than I've ever lost.


I chose to switch things up five years ago and shifted my focus to this spiritual AF life and the growth, experiences, hard work, self discovery and discomfort that comes with it. With all of that also comes the magic, beauty and euphoria of finding that true sense of self and the weightlessness of mastering the formula of how this world works. Once we experience it and integrate it into our own life, everything before it just makes sense and life starts to click. 

I help facilitate the healing process that we're deserving of, so that our soul self can come through and line up with our soul purpose, path and timeline. Allowing us to have access and claim what is ours by divine right, just by being a living breathing human on this planet. The self mastery and ever evolving nature comes naturally as I allow a combination of intuition, metaphysics, years of spiritual practice and life experiences to guide us in the process. This creates ultimate alignment which allows for the most streamlined, efficient and fulfilling path in life.


Working together is heavily intuitive based, allowing everything to be tailored and specific to you, because let's be real - no two of us are alike. And let's use that to see why you were put on this beautiful earth. Your soul is here, right now, for a very special reason. Let's line you up with that purpose. You and the people around you deserve it. 

The soul knows what it's doing; it's up to us to trust the process. We all possess the ability to do this and it would be an absolute pleasure to help you apply the gifts from your past and present to create a life to be excited about. Bonus is...I bring a lot of guides, angels and source support along the way. When you go through heavy sh*t and you choose the spiritual awakening route - you get real good at finding your team. They make themselves known. It would be an honor to be a part of yours. So, consider me your Soul Muse. It's time to reconnect with that soul of yours.



SOULD MUSE - Marlo-Nash Beach-7 (marlo e
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