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Hi! I’m Marlo. Now, this ‘about me’ could go on forever. Don’t tempt me, I talk to people for a living. It’s more about which version of me do you want to know about that has led me to this very moment?


How about the right now me; that lives by the ocean as a single mom to a strong willed, intuitive, skilled debater, kind, old soul of a 7 year old? Or the new mom me; that hit rock bottom when my life imploded in record speed when I became a widow at 33, with a baby? Or how about the teenager me; that was terribly hard on myself, had a tough exterior and an unknowingly complete lack of self? Or the little kid me; that never felt like she belonged, worthy of being chosen and always felt like she was pushing against the current?

Where did life change? Where did I find myself, my purpose and how to wake up each day trusting life? My spiritual awakening was six years ago when my husband and son's dad committed suicide in our home and I found him. What felt like a nightmare at the time, actually became my biggest life changing gift. Through my own healing and spiritual journey life started to click and the self mastery and and trust for life began. 

I have always had this ability to "feel" things. I could sense peoples energies, get a gut feeling and see people's soul potential. I guess you could say energy and soul is my first language. Until I rebuilt life, my habits and methods for living it, I never understood what that all meant, let alone what to do with it.


Through my own healing journey and spiritual practice I gained over 10,000 hours of mastery in healing, spiritual practices and understanding thyself. This has allowed me to guide others through massive life shifts, mastery and healing journeys of their own. And if you've ever worried if you're too much, or your story is, or what you want to heal is, let me just tell my world, that is impossible. There is always a way through.  

Every little piece of this life puzzle had to play out the way it did, to get me where I am today and for that…I wouldn’t change a thing. Through the toughest moments, I have gained more than I've ever lost. And a trust for life that I never even knew was possible. I help other amazing souls like yourself, do the same.


Through 1:1 sessions, group calls, Soul Circle classes, the Wild Voice podcast, my self help book Soul Muse and group coaching courses, I get to the root of healing and help you integrate new ways of doing things, to feel f*cking better. I allow a combination of intuition, metaphysics, years of spiritual practice and life experiences to guide us through any process in the least amount of time. So, consider me your Soul Muse. It's nice to meet you and I'm sure as sh*t glad you're here!



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