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Sage Off.

Energy work and sage is a pairing like bread and butter. You don't HAVE to have the butter to eat the bread, but it sure as hell makes the experience feel supported, seen, heard. Ok, are we still talking about bread? Anyways, I've lost count on how many times I've gotten asked, "how do you sage?" Saging is great and amazing and just like anything we do - the intention behind it is what really gives it life. Same idea with crystals. I'm not here to tell you laying crystals on your forehead turn you into a meditation master and make all your wildest dreams come true, by the presence of a glistening rock. They have properties, yes. The real power comes from the person using them and giving them their intention and life. Same thing with tarot, energy work, reiki, etc. These are practices and ways to move energy, help people feel better, upgrade, heal, etc. But just their definition alone is not what holds the power, it's in the person applying them and their intention and connection to Source (insert whatever you believe in).

Because I'm feeling inspired to (because I think right now is a great time for all of us to clear our spaces, minds, bodies, intentions), I'm going to give you some of my basics when saging. And like all else that flies out of my pie hole, take what resonates with you and ditch the rest. If it all resonates, awesome. If parts, great. If nothing, totes ok. I'm still glad you stopped by :)

Intuitive Saging:

  • When to sage: Whenever the F you please/feel called to. New spaces, old spaces, experiences, new opportunities, just because you thought about it, a reset, etc.

  • Where to get your sage: order, pick out at the store, get the fancy ones that have flowers + crystals attached, big, small (size doesn't always matter :P). Just go with what feels good to you and what jumps out at ya. This is a crystal rule too.

  • Open some windows and a front or back door. You're moving energy - give it a way out and a place to go, otherwise you just recirculate it.

  • Light your favorite candle

  • Light the sage with the candle (or if you have a beef with candles use a match or fire power of choice). For me this matters what I choose to keep the vibe in alignment - you do you.

  • Once that bitch is lit - intuitively ask yourself the question "where should I start?" Whatever pops into your head first, go there and make your way through each room - hitting each corner of your rooms, closets, etc. You don't have to go in a certain direction, you don't HAVE to reach every corner, your intention is to just fill the space. **If you think of it, go low - it will rise where it needs to but we tend to miss ground level.

  • As I make my way to each space I say something very near and dear to my heart and what has a lot of power in my world. You can use any phrase you choose. You could say, "I love Mac n cheese." If that feels powerful to you and gives you all the feels that's all that matters. You could also say, "Marlo be cray." If that feels good to you, roll with it. What I say: I DECLARE THAT ONLY LOVE AND LIGHT ARE HERE. Then I follow that up with an intention for that moment or the reason I'm saging in the first place. For example: I choose to create peace and effortlessness with my day.

  • Keep your intentions in your mind as you clear your space and continue to sage.

  • I follow it up with saging right outside my front door and if you have a back door. Any entrance points.

  • Then I intuitively will ask: "We good?" If I get a yes, I let the sage continue to burn in a burning tray. If I get a no, then I will ask, "where do I need to go back through?" Then rinse and repeat.

So there you go, a peak into my saging world. Glad you're here, glad we're on this journey together, glad sage exists. Glad you made it this far down the page. Now go sage yourself ;)


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Én kommentar

Thanks for sending😘. And it is a good way to clear negative or old energy from your heart and home. I Also equate it to Feng Shui ...change the furniture, open the blinds, move my budahs, etc....It always feels more fresh and light.

Open the Front Door. Energy flows through the front door. ...

  1. Seek Balance. Make sure you have something representing the five elements — wood, earth, metal, fire, and water — in every room. ...

  2. Use Mirrors Wisely. ...

  3. Make Your Bedroom Restful. ...

  4. Place Living Plants. etc...

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