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What We Think Manifests. And Quickly.

Updated: May 21, 2019

As I've been hearing from more and more people lately, something was brought to my attention this week. Even though we know how we should talk to ourselves, we have been falling back into old habits, like not speaking or thinking so nicely about ourselves. We all have that monkey brain that races and once you get on something, we tend to spiral and it's hard to get off that wild ride. I can totally relate to that. We know being hard on ourselves is the opposite of great, but we still do it. Whether it's out of frustration, comparison, thinking it breeds better behavior or results, or believing that it forces us to do better, be better, look better, etc. Well, it does the exact opposite.

Majority of people on this planet criticize themselves about 40% and some (most) even more. What we forget is that every piece, portion and trait about ourselves was specifically chosen and perfectly planned. No matter what or who you believe in, that's the case. If we can undo the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, you'd be amazed at how easily we can accomplish all of our goals. This week, this has been something I've had to take my own advice on.

What we think and say our brain quickly follows. That's just a fact. The definition of a BELIEF, is just something you've heard over and over again like a broken record. That means you can reprogram that if you so choose. A lifetime of thinking a certain way can by all means be switched up for the better.

Notice what you are saying out loud about yourself or your situations. Catch that and switch it up, if it's not what you're wanting or meaning to manifest. IE: I caught myself last week telling my mom, there are certain parts of my new life that are just so exhausting sometimes. Well lets just say, I put that out into the universe and it sure as hell isn't helping me. So I might as well make a shift or not say it at all. On that note, I shouldn't even think it. As I've had to remind myself of this, this week I notice how much less I'm talking. (You're welcome?) If I don't have the words to switch it up on how it's benefiting me, then I try and not say anything. Kind of like what we've been told since we were younger. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Word.

**This boomerang was taken on a whim last week, while I was peacefully drinking my green juice, along with this bundle of joy screaming like a banshee. So these are the moments I'm talking about, where we have to work extra hard to manifest what we want by keeping our emotions out of it. That way we can change the outcome, our environment, our surroundings OR our children. Figured this was more helpful than a posed picture ;) Shit's real out here**

What the brain visualizes (your words create pictures in your brain) it then manifests it and quickly. Your body and mind are an amazing thing and they work really well together. So what you ask for, it's ready to deliver. Quicker and easier than you probably expect. Especially if there is emotion behind it and you believe it. The sweet spot is thinking about the situation and getting yourself on your own side. Empty compliments (or 'gift' acknowledgements) are not helpful here. Really believing that what gift you've decided to take from a situation - you truly root to, is a key component to mastering this. This is a huge piece for things you are wanting to bring into your life as well, like a new job opportunity, financial growth, a relationship, etc.

I can honestly say, I used to think being hard on myself would make sure I wouldn't 'let myself go'. I can't tell you how damaging that way of thinking is. When I used to think that way, I actually felt and looked my worst. By letting that mindset go and filling it with a different way of thinking (and daily things I work on), it calms down that voice in your head and allows you to enjoy your moments and live your damn life.

Like with any muscle you haven't used in awhile, it takes some time to train and build it back up, but once the progression is started it just keeps getting easier and easier to train. It starts to become a habit and with limited effort. Same idea with a way of thinking. It might be something you've been training one way, but can easily be switched up and for the better with repetition. We all have way too much going for us and things to accomplish, to let our way of thinking get in our own way. We are 100% the ones standing between what we want; back to those choices we all have the freedom and ability to make.

Say and think what you want to create, live and see in this life. This is an area for me that is one I can quickly slip out of alignment with. I've been super hard on myself in the past and I've had these tools for about a year and I still catch myself going down that slippery slope. But that's totally normal and expected. Just because we have the tools does not mean we don't ever have hiccups, challenges, opportunities for growth and in simpler terms, a chance to practice. The difference is now I can notice when it's happening and get myself back into alignment pretty quickly. Before it was a lifestyle and was going on for years without acknowledgement, so any sort of progress or growth is a breath of fresh air. That goes for you too.

Cut yourself some slack and appreciate your body, life and circumstances for what they are. Beautiful gifts. Every single one of them. And it's TOTALLY fine to have things we want to improve or change. If we can appreciate it from any angle, it makes it so much easier to grow and shift when we are on our own side.



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