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Financial Relationships & THE Coffee Table

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Ok, holy word city below...but hear me out.

Each week there seems to be a theme amongst my clients. A common factor they are all experiencing, wanting to talk about or address, with a given thing that no longer serves them. It's the universes way of moving people along and bringing my attention to how much we all have in common no matter our circumstances.

The thing this week is financial stability. Seems pretty common for a lot of us. Whether it's wanting to attract more money, keep the money we have, grow the money we have or wanting to change our attitude towards it. No matter what position you are in, the relationship we have with money is what creates a strong base. By that I mean, like with any relationship it's a two way street or should be for the best outcome. What you put in, you expect back, how you think about it, is what it's going to reflect to you and respect being a very important piece. Now, if you are treating money like it doesn't matter (whether you think you have more than enough or not), you are putting the energy out there that you don't expect it to do anything for you or that it doesn't hold value. If you worry about it, you are telling the universe that there is a reason to be worried, so bring on more opportunities for that.

The other piece to the money relationship, is how it directly reflects to our self love. Every form of money that comes in, if you are not putting a portion of it aside for a YOU account (that does not get spent), you are telling the universe that money should go other places before it goes to YOU. Now what that does is say that everything else that is needing your financial attention, will just continue to get louder because that is what you are implying by your actions. Now if you pay the YOU account first, you are telling the universe to bring in more opportiutnies to pay YOU. That might look like less house maintenance, that car issue you've been dreading fixing all of a sudden goes away, you get a refund that you weren't expecting, you happen to go to a department store at the time of a massive sale or you pop into the grocery store and the items you went in for are discounted. From my own recent experience, I was buying furniture for my new home and it just so happened the coffee table I was interested in (pictured below), was tagged with a cheaper price than what it in fact was. The store (Anthropologie), was nice enough to process the transaction at the price marked without me saying a word. I didn't plan to put up a fight, accidents happen and I sure as hell wasn't going to to buy it for the price it was meant to be sold at. So when they honored it effortlessly, yes please! I couldn't get my card out fast enough to pay for it before they changed their mind.

THE said Anthro coffee table.

You might call it luck or coincidence but there really is no such thing I've learned. Every situation is the universe nudging us to either learn and grow or rewarding us. The things that pop up can be subtle or more obvious, depending on how you are nurturing your relationships and reflections and that goes for all areas of your life (if you're curious there are 8 areas - more on that another time). The thing we miss to see is that a lot of the time we learn most from situations we see as most difficult and frustrating. BUT when we acknowledge them as growth opportunities and even act on shifting behaviors, you would be surprised how quickly the universe can reward that mind set.

This week, see where you might be able to apply this. It takes time to get these brain muscles to shift, so practice is key and it will become second nature. You can start with something more obvious like opening up a bank account and label it 'you' account or 'soul' account or whatever resinates with you. The goal is to put a percentage of every paycheck that comes in FIRST before using the money for anything else. You will continue to build the funds in this account to show the universe and yourself that putting yourself first is most important. You don't want to spend this money, it's to accrue and the more it builds the more that money is putting the energy out there that you come first, which comes with rewards. Doesn't mean the universe doesn't test you, to see if you will continue to put yourself first and leave that money alone. But the more you do so and let it grow, the bigger the reward. And when is it ever a bad idea to put out the energy that you put yourself first, which in turn others will reflect back to you.

Another thing you could try is every time you go to spend money, ask yourself what it's improving in your life. For example, spending money on organic food, is improving or maintaining your health, which in turn is bettering your quality of life, the people you need to be healthy for and keeping you feeling good so you can show up as the best version of yourself for work each day.

You possess the ability to change whatever you want in this life, doesn't mean it comes without work but you can channel that to help you, opposed to hinder or stress you out.

Now balance is key because the work is in being consistent. That's something I continue to strive for and work on daily. We also have human moments and although we know what we should do, life distracts us and teaches us another beautiful lesson. Even if you do nothing else but remind yourself to look at a situation differently next time, you're already doing a better job than you think :)



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