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Can't Push Forward...Can't Walk Away

I was doing my weekly clean up at my desk today and came across some notes. My desk a lot of the times looks like how my brain works and that...translates to a lot of sticky notes, papers, crystals and journals all over the place.

Surprisingly this is what my desk looks like clean. At least the left side. We won't address what's happening over on the right side that's not pictured...

When I came across my notes from my most recent Tarot Card reading with Angie, it was a great reminder to do a recap. I always go back through a handful of times and re-read my notes from sessions with her, to make sure all that was said really sinks in. It's a good way to remind myself to apply the advice or be more mindful of things that came up during our session. What jumped out to me this go around was the reminder of patience. We all know it's a great quality and it's easy to ask of others, but a lot of the time we have the least amount of it for those closest to us or ourselves.

For my session with Angie it was in relation to patience with my journey, myself, where I'm at, where I'm going and what's ahead. I know we all can relate to wanting something so bad and knowing in your gut it's going to happen, but the middle part (which is where the growth, lessons and fun are) we try and skip past or speed it up.

The note I wrote down was: you can't push forward, but you can't walk away. I think that pretty much sums up what having patience feels like for some of us. You are kind of in this in-between and it can feel frustrating and make us....well, impatient. But what it really is meant to do, is to remind us that the whole reason to get to where we are wanting to go, is to have lived and enjoyed the process. We all know once we get there we are onto the next big thing we want to tackle or accomplish, so why not just be? I know it can seem easier said than done, but is it? Be in the moment, because if I've learned anything through my own experience it's that each moment has its purpose. The more we can take from that moment, the better off we are. Now if we're too focused on what's next you might miss it all. And even delay things even more. The universe has a way of getting its way ;)

Try this week to slow down and be patient and bask in whatever it is you're going through. I'm going to work on that during this tantrum phase of my beautifully vocal, strong tempered, 2 year old, Nash. Pull the positives out of a given situation and see how it's a total bonus, giving you the opportunity to better yourself, others or getting you one step closer to where you're wanting to be. Remember there is no good or bad, there just is. So there are always beneficial attributes for every situation, which in turn can balance it out.

Sometimes we are slowed down on our own path because we have to go through certain events or accumulate certain tools, so we can be that much more affective at what we're going to accomplish. I think that's a total legit reason to slow down and enjoy the ride, don't you?



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