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A Crazy Goose & the Mirror Effect

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Let me tell you about the reptile/bug/bird infestation that my friends and I have been dealing with over the last couple weeks. You might think this sounds a little dramatic, but just listen to this....

It started with a GIANT house centipede (I'm getting goose bumps and PTSD just typing that) taking over Nash's playroom. Then as I documented the dramatic episode on Insta, it started a waterfall affect of similar situations. Not so much for me, but others around me. Next it was one of my friends being attacked/bullied by a goose while trying to get into her car. I can't keep a straight face with her story.... Next a friend had 2 birds fly into her kitchen window - both survived. Thank gaaaaawd. Another one of my friends was on a walk during a break at work and 3 snakes crossed her path while on her lunch time walking sesh.

We're all on the same group text so as these things were popping up we were updating each other. It wasn't until a few days later when my goose friend sent a picture, she was trying to get to her car and implied it might be the last time we all talk to her. What I left out, is that she yelled and charged the goose the first time it happened and it worked well enough for her to get to her car. When she tried it again that morning, the goose just stared at her and didn't budge and actually more so charged back at her. So I think she figured those might have been her last moments on this earth.That was nice of her to text us. She eventually made it to her car and survived. Phew!

As we were all joking about this, our last friend on the thread who hadn't chimed in yet, said she saw 2 giant lizards going at it (fighting, not what you're thinking) the night before in her backyard.

Until I sat down to start this weeks blog/newsletter (and the first direction I was going in was boring me. Yawn.) I got a couple dings on that particular group text and it was a total sign. Not only did it make me laugh, but it was in that moment I was focusing on what I was going to share this week (not a coincidence) and also made me realize how much more obvious does the universe need to make a given sign/whisper??

Well I'm sure you're thinking...well get to it lady. What am I supposed to take from the bug/animal/reptile attack on a handful of college friends from Oregon State? Well.....

The Seattle goose bully

The thing each situation had in common is the feeling that something(s) were coming into our space and invading it, making us feel uncomfortable and even scared. When I was confirming these feelings with the other girls, I couldn't take myself seriously. But, here I am sharing the story with you....Go figure.

For my friend who just happened to spot the lizards outside, what was it she was doing in that moment? Whatever it was, it stopped and drew her attention to what was happening in her backyard. Those lizards could have gone at it (fighting, remember) at any other time, when she wasn't looking, while she was inside, at work, sleeping, etc. All leading her to have never seen that in the first place. Same with my friend with the goose, I doubt it knows her work schedule and was waiting out there for her at just the right times. So there's a reason we were all noticing this chaos.

If you can get behind a mini physics lesson with me... everything is made up of light and light carries information. The way that is possible, is light = photons, which = matter and matter is made up of molecules and particles. The periodic motion of a molecule is considered it's frequency vibration, circling us back to energy and our ability to manipulate light. Bringing me to the concept of shifting our own energy including what you don't see physically, (so our thoughts) and how it puts off it's own frequency and vibration. This directly affects what happens around us and to us, not only from others but from ourselves. The way I've been able to wrap my head around this, is the idea of the mirror affect. If everything has a frequency bouncing off of it and it's nothing more than light traveling, then what is happening to you, you must be doing to yourself (most likely subconsciously) or you wouldn't see that reflected back to you, right? Same idea if you were standing in front of a mirror, what you do to the mirror you see reflected to you. Not because of any sort of magic, but because it's impossible to see something in the mirror unless you are standing in front of it doing, well, whatever. Lets say waving. Make sense? Have I lost you? Bueller....

The nice part about reflections, is half the battle is just acknowledging there is something being brought to your attention. The other half is trying to pin point what that given thing is. There are 8 main areas that need to be in balance on a daily basis to keep our reflections to a minimum. Don't freak out, it can all be managed with the right tools. When the reflections heighten or intensify it's no big deal, it just means we are ignoring the little things happening around us or to us. In turn, the universes way of making sure we learn the lesson, the reflections get louder and louder until we acknowledge. The great news is, they tend to go away once we pin point it and adjust the perspective or mindset.

Notice this week the things that are happening around you or to you. If you see it, hear it, notice's for you. So if you're sitting there wondering....yes, it's yours. If it crossed your mind/path/line of sight, etc. it was for a reason. Take the thoughts you might be having about it and see where you might be acting in that way towards yourself. For example, you see a huge massive disgusting bug on your wall....what area of your life are you feeling uncomfortable or scared? Or could it even be an area of your life you're not wanting to confront? I sure as hell did NOT want to confront that giant centipede crawling up the wall. Just starting to think this way shifts reflections. It's also comforting to know that if you are the reason it's happening, you are also the solution. There's a lot of peace and (for you control freaks) control in that. It can be a big pill to swallow at first, but once you get past the horse pill you have the ability to create and shift your life like nobody's business.

Now, you'll have to excuse me, while I answer SOS group texts to help my friend with the goose bully. We gotta figure out her reflections so she can get into her house tonight.



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